What are the payment methods?

We accept most Credit Crads, Cash, Wire Transfer, Paypal.


Do you sell original art?

We do, Click on “Authors Works” in the above Menu bar.


What is the process and quality of the reproductions?

Our reproduction process is done entirely by hand by our professional and talented artists. Our artists have perfected their expertise through years of study and paintings. They are experts regarding the color and techniques of the Great Masters we admired. Each painting is done on cotton artist canvas with high quality oils. Each painting is carefully reproduce to attain the closest possible match to the original. We take time to make sure you receive the absolute best quality.


Can I see the actual brush strokes?

Yes. Our paintings are actual 100% hand-painted oil on canvas. You can see, touch and feel the actual brush strokes on each and every one of our painting.

Please note: Our paintings are Not print on canvas, Not print transfer, Not lithographs and Not giclee.


How close are the paintings to the originals?

It is our passion to bring the absolute best reproduction possible to our customer. Rest assure we will reproduce to the closest details as the original. However, slight variance is possible in the reproduction process.


Who are the artists?

The artists are all experienced, talented individuals, most of which have graduated from college or university. They tend to specialize in a particular style or area, such as impressionism or portraiture. For example, one of the artists here does wonderful highly detailed town or building paintings but can’t do a Monet to save his life!


Do your artists sign the paintings?

As a rule we don’t ask the artists to sign the painting. However, they are more than willing to do so just let us know if you’d like a signature.


What about your pricing?

Our pricing structure is reasonable. We provide the highest quality paintings at the lowest price possible. Our paintings come direct from the studio. There are no middleman or overhead cost. The saving goes to you, our valued customer. We have prides in our work and do not have high expenses for expensive showrooms and unnecessary cost. That is why we are able to sell at such a low price for such detailed workmanship.


How long will it take for my painting to arrive?

If the painting you ordered is In Stock we will deliver it immediately, usually within 1-2 business days. If the painting is not In Stock, we will start the reproduction process immediately after receiving your order and verified payment. We can often have your painting delivered to you in about 3-4 weeks, depending on the drying time of the oil and the complexity of the piece.


Does your price include frame?

No. The painting is stretched. We let the customer choose the frame to match their decoration.


How are your paintings different from posters, prints and transfers?

At ArtGallery.am, we do not utilize any computer-aided or printing process. As a result our reproduction revealed a much deeper tonal range, texture and shapes of the mediums used on the original painting.

Please note: Our paintings are not prints, not paint on prints, not image to canvas transfers, not giclee, or any other printing and transfer processes. Our reproduction is not “Brushstroke Enhanced”, “Hand Embellished”, “Oil on Canvas Enhancement”, etc… It is reproduce by real artist on a blank canvas. Everything is real, down to the scent of the wet oil.


Can you reproduce a painting that is not on the web site?

Yes absolutely. Our artist can recreate and reproduce any painting of your choice to your exact specification. We have successfully reproduced portraits and artwork from photos. The prices for custom reproduction will be priced and quote according to size and complexity of the subject. We can reproduce any painting in any size that you requested.

Please send an e-mail.
1) Attach one or more pictures of the painting, artwork or a portrait photo
2) Indicate the size you want to have reproduce
3) We will reply to you with a price quote and approximate delivery time


Can I send you an old black and white photo to be painted in color?

Yes, many of our customers turn old and damaged photographs into beautiful portraits. Such details can be added as color or even corrections to parts of the photographs that are damaged. Although we do prefer as clear photographs as possible to work with, in cooperation with our customers we have created some excellent art work from some very poor, old photographs. If the photo is too damaged, it may help to provide other images to help with details.


Can I send in more than one photo to be combined into one oil portrait?

Part of the beauty of having an oil portrait commissioned is that you can customize it in ways limited only by your imagination and the images you can provide. We have painted many portraits for customers who combined elements of different photos or, quite often, photographs with other classical oil paintings. You can remove details from a photo as well, to create the ideal moment captured in a beautiful work of art.


What’s the biggest size you do?

Although our largest standard size is 48 by 72 inches, we often paint in sizes even larger than that. The record to date is a painting 20+ feet long.


Can I order in non-standard sizes?

Yes, please feel free to request any size you want. We recommend that the size chosen matches reasonably closely to the original in terms of height / width ratio, but we can crop or do “detail” (paintings of a part of an original, such as the hands touching from Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam) if customers wish. The artists are extremely flexible, and will be happy to work to your specifications.


The painting I want has a height ratio of 3:1, but on your site you offer it as 24 by 36 inches. Do you distort or cut the painting to fit that size?

The sizes shown on our site are meant only as a general guideline, and are not suitable for all paintings. A lot of Gustav Klimt’s paintings, for example, are very tall and thin, with a height ratio of 3:1. In cases like these we recommend the customer change the size to one more suitable. So, instead of 24 by 36 inches, we might recommend 14 by 42 or 16 by 48 inches instead


Can I see the Painting before you send it out to me?

After you send the photos, we agree size and your other instructions and we finish the work will email the finished painting to you. Once the painting has been reviewed and approved by you, we send it out to you.






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